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Kaihu Collection

Kaihu Collection is a unique collaboration of Finnish artisan craftsmanship and design, paired with high quality European materials.

We design and make limited collections of stunning high quality bags, for people who appreciate the highest attention to detail. This attention to detail, paired with outstanding materials, makes Kaihu a distinguished Finnish brand.

Leena and Heikki Ahonen handcraft every Kaihu bag in their workshop in Finland. Each element is carefully considered and textural balance is achieved with the use of materials from Europe. Soft leather set against the tactile qualities of felted wool.

Effortlessly blending Finnish design and craftsmanship, Kaihu make stylishly understated bags that will last a lifetime.

Kaihu Team

Leena Ahonen


Heikki Ahonen


Ilkka Harju


Ritva Ohls

Fabric technologist / Designer / Sales

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